19th century Kashmir shawl (Pashmina) fragment depicting botehs

19th century Kashmir shawl (Pashmina) fragment depicting botehs

SKU: T004


19th century Kashmir shawl (Pashmina) fragment depicting botehs


Materials and method: Woven from very fine hand spun Kashmiri goat hair dyed with colours from natural dye sources; mounted on linen and stretched over a wooden frame.


Origin: Kashmir


Dimensions: 47 x 42 cm including mounting; the fragment is 35 x 30 cm.


Date of creation: First half of the 19th century.


Stock no: T004


Other comments:

  • Pashmina refers to the spin form of the hair or wool from the Changthangi goat, a native of the high and cold plateaus of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The goat shed its coat in spring and is collected by combing rather than shearing. The term Pashmina in recent times has been debased and can refer to shawls made from wool or even viscose.
  • Early Kashmir shawls are highly collectible and command substantial price. Fragments like this are also sought after and valuable.


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