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Aboriginal bark painting – frogs and snakes

Aboriginal bark painting – frogs and snakes

SKU: P004


Australian Aboriginal bark painting – frogs and snakes


Artist: Nadj (Nadjalgala) Wurramara


Language group: Anindilyakwa


Place of painting: Groote Eylandt, East Coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory


Materials: Natural earth (ochre) pigments and binder painted on eucalyptus bark; branches are secured across each end of the bark slab with string.


Dimensions: 96L x 47W cm.


Date of creation: 15 May 1984


Condition: Excellent


Provenance: Mimi Aboriginal Arts and Crafts, Katherine, Northern Territory


Stock no: P004


Other comments: The back of the painting bears a page from Mimi Aboriginal Arts and Crafts describing the painting as follows: “Bark painting of 2 dilaburnda (frogs) and 2 yiningburna (Jaragba mythical snake), also spear (lama). The cave is home for the snakes but not for the frog.”


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