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Anatolian heybe (saddlebag)

Anatolian heybe (saddlebag)

SKU: T035


Anatolian heybe (saddlebag)


Material and method: Sheep’s wool warps and wefts except for the white wefts in the patterning which are cotton; slit tapestry weave.


Dimensions: 163 x 76 cm


Age: Probably late 19th century


Condition: Excellent. No evidence of damage or repairs; some oxidization of the dark brown as expected in a piece of this age. All colours from natural dye sources and still vibrant and fresh.


Stock no: T035



  • The high quality and excellent condition of this piece suggests it may have been put away for most of its life rather than used and as such may have been part of the bride’s dowry.
  • The palette and design points to an East Anatolian origin.
  • The striped multi-coloured back is also a work of art.
  • This is a highly collectible and very beautiful tribal weaving


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