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Anatolian tulu or sleeping rug

Anatolian tulu or sleeping rug

SKU: T182


Anatolian tulu or sleeping rug


Materials and methods: Sheep’s wool (warps, weft and pile); plain weft-faced flat weave with brocaded designs and pile; mounted on linen with the back facing outward.


Origin: The tone of the colours suggests eastern Anatolia.


Dimensions: 230 x 98 cm; slightly larger with the mounting.


Age: Last quarter of the 19th century


Condition: The pile has largely worn away and the remnants can be seen in the windows made in the mounting linen; there are significant losses to the foundation warp and weft, as can be seen.


Stock no: T182



  • The colour saturation in the rug is impressive and very satisfying. The broad bands of colour make their own aesthetic, together with the lines of brocading which resemble lines of script. It makes a great impression when hung on the wall.
  • It is interesting that the weaver chose to decorate the back of this sleeping rug with brocading. It suggests that although it may have been a sleeping rug at night, it was turned over during the day and functioned as a day rug.
  • This rug could be put on the floor in a low traffic area but was mounted on linen so it could be hung and enjoyed on the wall.


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