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Ancient Greek silver tetradrachm from Side

Ancient Greek silver tetradrachm from Side

SKU: C058


Ancient Greek silver tetradrachm from Side


Obverse: Head of Athena to right wearing crested Corinthian helmet.


Reverse: ΔΕΙ-Ν (partial name of magistrate) Nike advancing to left, holding wreath in her right hand; to left, pomegranate.


Mint city: The mint of Side in Pamphylia.


Die engraver: Unknown engraver at the mint of Side.


Materials and method: Struck in good quality silver from engraved dies.


Dimensions: 31 mm diameter.


Weight: 16.71 gm


Date minted: Attributed to the years 205 – 100 BC.


Condition: Extremely fine, of excellent style.


References: BMC 27.


Stock no: C058


Comments: Side today is a popular tourist city on the southern coast of Turkey and is famous for its many ancient ruins. It was conquered by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. After his death, it was controlled by the Ptolemies and then by the Seleucid dynasty. It eventually fell under Roman control. This coin was minted during a period of relative independence for the city.


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