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Balinese temple painting on fabric

Balinese temple painting on fabric

SKU: T119



Balinese temple painting on fabric


Description: appears to depict Sita’s fire ordeal, a scene from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, in which Sita, after returning from a long period of captivity, is reunited with her husband Rama. Rama doubts that she has remained faithful to him and to prove her fidelity she jumps into a fire, but her purity protects her and the fire is transformed into a lotus.


Material: Mineral pigments on cotton


Dimensions: 129 x 137 cm


Age: Probably from the first quarter of the 20th century


Condition: Good – no significant damage; a couple of small holes and some damage from pins on top edge from which it has been hung.


Stock no: T119


Price: $750


Comments: A similar work is on display in the Australian Museum in Sydney.


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