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Baluchi camel decoration

Baluchi camel decoration

SKU: T137

Baluchi camel decoration

Artist: Unknown woman.

Origin: North east Iran (Persia)/Western Afghanistan. Baluchi tribes.

Materials, method and use: Pile carpet with weft-facing flat weave sections at ends. Hand spun and hand woven sheep’s wool. This item is one of two parts that were joined at the ends and used as a decoration around the neck of a camel.

Dimensions: 87 x 23 cm without fringes.

Date of creation: Probably mid-20th century.

Condition: In good useable condition with good pile. No repairs.

Stock no: T137

Price: A$110

Comments: This is the kind of item that looks great pinned up on the wall or thrown over the back of a chair. It could also be used to decorate a table.


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