Central Asian pile saddle bag (khorjin), probably Uzbeki

Central Asian pile saddle bag (khorjin), probably Uzbeki

SKU: T036


Central Asian pile saddle bag (khorjin), probably Uzbeki


Material and method: The face of each bag is pile, which extends to the back where there is a small section of ivory pile with a five-square design; the closure system appears to be made of dark brown goat hair; the chevron design in the bridge uses a supplemental weft technique. All the colours appear to be from natural dye sources.


Dimensions: 112 x 57 cm


Age: Probably from the first quarter of the 20th century


Condition: Excellent. Full pile. No apparent damage or repairs.


Stock no: T036


Comments: The high quality and excellent condition of this saddle bag suggests that it has been put aside rather than used on a pack animal. It may have been part of bride’s dowry. It is a very beautiful and collectible tribal weaving.


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