Chinese brush pot with phoenix and flower

Chinese brush pot with phoenix and flower

SKU: F208


Chinese brush pot with phoenix and flower


Material and method: Bamboo; hand carved


Origin: China


Maker: unsigned


Age: Perhaps mid- 20th century


Dimensions: 21 x 13.5 cm


Condition: Very good. The bottom (or nodal floor) has been broken but there is a second nodal floor which is intact and makes the pot functional.


Stock no: F208



  • The bird on this brush pot is the Chinese phoenix or Fenghuang, a symbol of high virtue and grace.
  • Brush pots were used for Chinese calligraphy to hold clean brushes upright and are one of the items from “the scholar’s table”, along with water droppers, ink stones, etc. They were made of jade, porcelain, wood and bamboo and often finely decorated.


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