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East Anatolian grain bag (chuval)

East Anatolian grain bag (chuval)

SKU: T007


East Anatolian grain bag (chuval)


Materials and methods: Goat hair warps, sheep’s wool wefts; some use of cotton and metal threads; mostly plain weft facing weave; the two design bands are woven in extra weft wrapping (sumak); all colours appear to be from natural dye sources including an insect dye (the purplish red); has been cleaned and professionally mounted on linen.


Origin: Eastern Anatolia.


Dimensions: 194 x 120 cm.


Age: Probably last quarter of the 19th century.


Condition: Losses through use as shown in the images.


Stock no: T007



  • This piece was mounted on linen so it could be hung and enjoyed on the wall where it can make the impact it is capable of. Its condition is part of its story. Its beauty is still very evident.
  • We found this bag in a warehouse in Istanbul where it was at the bottom of a three metre high pile of unattractive mid-20th century kilims. It was caked with dirt and had contracted to distorted shape. Even in this condition the quality of its colours could just be seen. We had it cleaned and stretched and mounted on linen in Istanbul.

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