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East Anatolian kilim fragment

East Anatolian kilim fragment

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East Anatolian kilim fragment


Materials and methods: Sheep’s wool warps and weft; slit tapestry and plain weave; some use of white cotton; brocaded designs; tufts of wool, cotton and silk have been used in the red plain weave sections, typical of Kurdish work; all colours from natural dye sources; has been cleaned and professionally mounted on linen with windows on the back to show the backside of the kilim.


Origin: Eastern Anatolia, probably Malatya area.


Dimensions: 241 x 86 cm; slightly larger with the mounting.


Age: Last quarter of the 19th century.


Condition: Significant losses to the foundation, as shown in the images.


Stock no: T009




  • See Petsopoulos, “Kilims”, pp. 192-197, “The band kilims of Malatya”. He mentions that these kilims have been found in mosques where presumably their design served to create the prayer niche or “saf”.


  • This rug could be put on the floor in a low traffic area but was mounted on linen so it could be hung and enjoyed on the wall.


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