SOLD East Anatolian kilim fragments mounted on linen

SOLD East Anatolian kilim fragments mounted on linen

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East Anatolian kilim fragments mounted on linen


Material: Sheep’s wool warps and wefts except the white wefts which are mostly cotton but there are some areas of white wool wefts.


Dimensions: 182 x 126 cm


Age: Mid to late 19th century.


Condition: Two fragments from the one kilim have been place side by side and mounted on linen reproducing how one end of this two-part kilim would have once looked. The side borders are missing and there are various losses many of the motifs, probably as a result of oxidization of the dyed wool. The oxidization is a good indicator of age. This kilim would have once been about 3.6m long and 1.7m wide.


Stock no: T008



  • All the dyes used in this kilim are from natural dye sources. The tone of the red indicates that it is from a cochineal (insect) dye. The green is a yellow overdyed with indigo. The apricot is saturated and well made. The rusty brown makes a powerful background. Overall the palette is very satisfying.
  • Similar kilims have been attributed to Aksaray area in Central Anatolia. See Rippon Boswell, Poppmeier Collection 2018, lot 47. Apparently, the South East Anatolian examples have a lighter palette. The use of cochineal points to an eastern origin.
  • The mounted of kilim fragments on linen requires many of hours of patient work. This kilim was mounted in Turkey.
  • A very collectable antique kilim fragment and of a size that can easily be hung on the wall.


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