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Neo-Babylonian seal necklace with gold mount

Neo-Babylonian seal necklace with gold mount

SKU: J153


Neo-Babylonian seal necklace with gold mount


Material: Chalcedony with a modern 9 carat gold mount on a simple kangaroo leather necklace.


Period of manufacture of the seal: 626 - 539 BC.


Representation: the seal shows a priest making an offering to an altar of Marduk, the patron god of the city of Babylon, identified by the spear. The stylus shown on the altar is a reference to Nabu, Marduk’s son and the patron god of scribes, literacy and wisdom. (Nabu’s name appears to be the root for the Arabic word Nabi, meaning prophet, and is used in Islam to refer to the Prophet Muhammad and other prophets). The star above maybe a reference to Innana-Ishtar.


Weight of stone: 6.32gm


Weight of stone with gold mount: 6.99gm


Stock no: J153



  • The Neo-Babylonian Empire is most known for its king Nebuchadnezzar and his destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.
  • Cylinder seals fell out of use during this period and stamp seals such as this one became popular.


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