SOLD Pictorial carpet from Qum, Iran

SOLD Pictorial carpet from Qum, Iran

SKU: T205


Pictorial carpet from Qum, Iran


Material: Sheep’s wool pile with silk highlights throughout; warps and ground wefts are cotton.


Dimensions: 114 x 74 cm


Age: Probably woven in the last 30 years or so.


Condition: Excellent.


Stock no: T205



  • This is a high-quality modern hand-woven Persian rug made with good quality wool, so the pile is lush and soft. The knot count is high, giving the pile a velvety feel. It has been cleaned and washed and there was no colour run, indicating stable good quality dyes. The colours are of a high level of saturation.
  • The scene depicted is an age-old one of riders on horseback hunting gazelle with bows and spears surrounded by trees.


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