Roman commemorative bronze coin, 330 – 340 AD.

Roman commemorative bronze coin, 330 – 340 AD.

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Roman commemorative bronze coin, 330 – 340 AD.


Obverse: Helmeted and cuirassed bust of the personification of Rome looking left, with the legend VRBS ROMA (city of Rome) around.


Reverse: She-wolf to left suckling the twins Romulus and Remus, two stars above, TRP below. The reference is clearly to the foundation myth of Rome in which Romulus and Remus are abandoned on the banks of the river Tiber and raised by a she-wolf. Romulus founded the city of Rome and reign as its first king.


Die engraver: Unknown die engraver at the Roman mint in Trier (Germany).


Mint city: Bears the mint mark: TRP indicating that this coin was struck at the mint in the city of Trier (on the banks of the Moselle in Germany and known by the Romans as Augusta Treverorum). In the fourth century AD, Trier was one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire with a population of 75,000 or more and was the de facto capital of the Western Roman Empire.


Materials and method: Struck in bronze from engraved dies; with time the bronze has developed an attractive brown patina.


Date of minting: 330-340 AD. The issue of this coin type was initiated during the reign of Constantine the Great (306 – 337 AD).


Dimensions: 16 mm diameter.


Weight: 2.61gm


Condition: good Very Fine.


Stock no: C018


Other comments: This coin was struck to commemorate the city of Rome at the time that Constantine the Great moved the capital of the Roman Empire eastward to Constantinople (previously called Byzantium and now known as Istanbul). The issue of this type was accompanied by another type celebrating the city of Constantinople. The two types together were perhaps a way of paying respect to both cities, despite the fact that one of them was being “demoted”. Issuing these types in a low value bronze coin was also a way of spreading the “news” to ordinary people across the far reaches of the empire.


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